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Madalena Productions


Lili poster: "Lili" in purple overlaid on a black and white portrait of Darwin Del Fabro

The New York premiere of Lili based on the diaries of Lili Elbe in Rio De Janeiro. Lili is coming to The Tank June 28 through July 21, 2024.

(Theatrical Production)

New York • USA • 2024

LILI is the true story of Lili Elbe, a renowned pioneer of the Trans Movement, and was inspired by her diary “Man Into Woman.” 

LILI is also about the lifelong love affair between Einar/Lili and Gerda. Two radical artists whose unusual marriage challenged conventions in the 1920s and 30s. The intimate space created by these two exceptional people transcended the boundaries of sex, gender, geography, and societal norms. Theirs was a genuine love story that defied the world around them. It is through the acts of theater they share -- through playfulness, playacting, and building trust -- that Lili Elbe is able to emerge. In posing for Gerda’s paintings and putting on woman’s clothing, Einar slowly realizes that his born gender doesn’t match his identity. So, with Gerda’s loving help, Einer becomes one of the first women in history to undergo gender reassignment surgery. At a time when gender issues are increasingly in the spotlight, and increasingly controversial, we believe that addressing these issues with a delicate and engaging theatrical and historical perspective is utterly necessary. Lili Elbe’s struggle for acceptance and dignity goes on. This play is part of that ongoing struggle.

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